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Getting Help in an Emergency


If you are in a desperate situation, try to calm yourself. Focussing on a loved one in your mind, or a beautiful image that gives you hope can help calm you. Try to slow your breathing down by taking deep breaths and breathing out slowly. Relax your shoulder and neck muscles. If you telephone someone for help, speak slowly and allow yourself to hear what they are saying to you.

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If you need urgent help because you cannot cope with your situation because you are:

  • Feeling suicidal.
  • Are Depressed.
  • Have become very ill.
  • Have become incapable through alcohol or drugs or self-harming.
  • Are in a violent situation.
  • Feel the children or yourself are at risk.
  • Or any other situation in which you feel helpless or out of control.

Then you need to take immediate action to get some help.

A web-site with international help-lines (including the UK) is Befrienders Worldwide use this to find telephone and web-based help

This is UK specific advice, but much of it will be relevant to other countries.

If you are feeling suicidal or depressed or have become very ill try some of these suggestions:

This website will help you find telephone numbers quickly:

You or someone else can ring your GP for advice and emergency assessment. Out of hours you will probably not be able to get hold of your regular GP, but you will be put through to another doctor. In an emergency ring for an ambulance (Tel: 999 or 112). You can ring 111 for non-urgent medical information and advice.

If you have self-harmed ring for an ambulance first.  Get a friend or neighbour to do this for you if you have difficulty ringing yourself.

You or someone else can ring the Police - 999 or 112 in an emergency. Use the local police telephone number (101) for non-urgent concerns.

If you are depressed, feeling hopeless or suicidal contact a help organisation such as Samaritans who offer confidential emotional support 24 hours a day.

If you are concerned about the welfare of the children ring social services. If they are in danger (either from yourself or someone else) ring the police (999 or 112).

Ring a family member or friend.  Talking things through can help you see things differently.

You or someone else can ring your children's school. They can be a great source of help, particularly if the children are at risk.  Speak to your child's form tutor, the SENCO teacher, or ask to be put through to the school Welfare Officer or School Nurse.

Ring or contact websites that offer advice and help on domestic violence such as Women's Aid and for men the Mens Advice Line. Your local authority may fund domestic violence teams and the police will offer help and support too.  They offer these services to men and children as well as women.

After the Emergency

When you are feeling better have a think about what you need to do next. If you have been depressed or unhappy some professional counselling may help. If you are terminally ill or incapacitated in some way, think about what physical help and emotional support you may need. Think about what emotional support your dependents require.

Try not to allow things to carry on as they were. You deserve some help and there is help available.

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22nd Dec 2014

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